Resource and Referrals

Provided to SF Bay Area Residents


ETAC-USA offers resource and referral services to the Turkish American Community  by way of a platform and a hotline.  It aims to ensure, effective, beneficial and appropriate resources and referrals can be offered to community members, residents, their friends & families.

1)  The Platform provides updated general information on services available in the Bay Area and beyond in categories such as Education, Health Care, Community Services, Employment & Income Support, Government & Legal, etc.

2)  The Hotline is for further assistance & for a specific issue/question. There will be a response within 48 hour. If there is an emergency, the response time will be shorter. 

3) If you would like to suggest a business/organization or to be included in the ETAC Resources, please submit the form here.

4) If you are already a member of our resources directory and would like to make a change, please contact Firuze Gokce at info@etacusa.or